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RK Legal Practice Areas

RK Legal strives to achieve a work environment where the client feels that attorney is easily accessible and is focused on understanding clients’ concerns and anticipating their legal needs (present and future) and provide pragmatic and viable solutions.

Real Estate / Property Laws

Real Estate / Property Laws


  1. All RERA matters
  2. Drafting sale & purchase agreements relating to property matters
  3. Title search &Property Documents Scrutiny
  4. Legal opinions relating to lease, rent and charges
  5. Disputes relating to sale/purchase of immovable property
  6. Matters related to exchange and gifts
  7. Matters related to sanction and violation of building plans
  8. Mortgage and hypothecation consultancy
  9. Wills, Codicils and Probate
  10. Representation before various courts, tribunals, authorities & forums etc.


Some of our satisfied clientele in the segment of Property Law and Real Estate Advisors are

  1. Buyers and sellers of residential houses, apartments, commercial spaces, aagricultural and non- agricultural property
  2. Land Developers
  3. Owners, Licensees and Lessors
  4. Commercial and residential tenants
  5. Educational institutions and NGOs
  6. Banks and other institutional lenders
  7. Real Estate Agents
  8. Investors &Trustees
  9. Apartment Owners’ Associations

Corporate Law

All Corporate Legal Matters Related To:-

  1. Contracts & Agreements – Drafting, Reviewing & Negotiating
  2. Incorporation & Registration
  3. Compliances as per Central & State Laws and Regulations,
  4. Policy & Legal Documents
  5. Lawsuits in National Company Law Tribunal & Appellate Tribunal (NCLT & AT)
  6. Corporate Litigation in other Courts
  7. Legal Evaluation of new business partnerships with Vendors & Contractors
  8. Examination of the legal issues related to new products and services.

Military Law

  1. Armed Forces Tribunal (AFT) – All types of Cases
  2. Arrests – Civil & Military Custody
  3. Courts of Inquiry and Summary of Evidence
  4. Hearing of Charges & Summary Disposal
  6. Administrative Action
  7. Complaints & Petitions
  8. Maintenance Allowance under Military & Civil Laws
  9. Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (POSH) and MeToo Cases
  10. Disability Pension and all Other Matters related to Military Service

Legal Advice & Consultancy

  1. Home Buyers Consultancy
  2. Labour/Employment Law
  3. Documentation Law
  4. POSH/MeToo Law
  5. Election Law
  6. Website & Mobile App Law
  7. Expert legal opinion / advice / consultation on specific case or legal issue as to the:-

– Legality or Illegality of action.

– Action/Defence options available & Cost-Benefit Analysis of each option.

– Legal defence strategy for protecting your rights, reputation and freedom.



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